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Lingbe is an app to practice many languages in the best possible way: by speaking. Just choose the language you want to practice, tap the call button and in less than two minutes, you start talking to another user.

When you install Lingbe and create your user account, you get receive fifteen minutes of free calls. This means you can spend fifteen minutes talking to another app user in the language of your choice. At max you'll have to wait two minutes for another person to answer your call.

In the Lingbe setup options, you can customize your user profile, clearly indicating your tastes and interests. This way, when talking to someone else, you'll have some idea of what conversation topics are most likely to come up.

Lingbe is a very interesting application to help you practice your second language properly. No writing a few sentences or doing a few exercises. With this app you actually speak in another language with another person who knows that language.
Lingbe: Practice languages by talking with people on your smartphone

Learning languages is one of those permanent New Year's Resolutions that often falls to the wayside due to lack of free time. Plus it can get monotonous to grind away at vocab and verb conjugations all on your lonesome. Luckily, though, there are apps like Lingbe to help you learn and brush up on your foreign language skills anytime, anywhere by talking on the phone.
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Requires Android 4.4 or higher.

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